What is the Benefit?

You learned this in kindergarten: good things happen when people work together. This is definitely holds true when it comes to taking care of people’s health. By bringing together a broad network of the region’s best doctors, and enhancing coordination, collaboration and communication, the benefit is better care at lower cost.
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The benefits extend three ways: to the patients, who receive better service and quality; to the doctors who get improved coordination and also to the payees, or the employers, who appreciate a healthier, more productive work force and lower coverage costs. Learn more below.

For Patients

Patients who opt to receive their care from the Roper St. Francis Health Alliance will find many benefits. Most importantly, they will have a greater number of choices of doctors and be able to customize their care by choosing a doctor who fits their specific needs from our broad network. And they’ll have all of this at less cost. 

Here are some of the other benefits patients will find through our clinically integrated network: 

  • A centralized network of doctors collaborating to deliver the highest value care to patients
  • Less medical history paperwork due to increased information sharing between providers
  • Better care coordination and communication among and between doctors and providers
  • Increased access points and convenient places to receive health care services
  • Easier transitions and navigation throughout the healthcare system with dedicated individuals to answer questions and simplify complex medical situations
  • Access to our care management program for those who have certain chronic health conditions
  • The best value and lowest costs for high quality care in the market


For Physicians

Physician participation in the Roper St. Francis Health Alliance is completely voluntary, and those who do participate do so because they’re excited about helping change the way healthcare is delivered today.  

Specifically, the benefits that doctors can expect include: 

  • The satisfaction of aligning with like-minded physicians seeking to measurably improve the health of its community and reduce spiraling healthcare costs
  • Participation in making decisions on which quality/cost initiatives to pursue
  • Access to a clinical performance management system (CPMS) to measure your practice’s patient care performance relative to your peers and to help achieve Health Alliance goals
  • Potential access to a number of incentive contracts with payers and major employers
  • Access to patients and employers that value a network with demonstrated quality care

How to Join

Join Roper St. Francis Health Alliance

The Roper St. Francis Health Alliance accepts new provider applications on an annual basis. For more information on joining the RSFHA please fill out the form below.

For Payers

The Roper St. Francis Health Alliance is committed to creating a delivery system that rewards providers for giving high quality, appropriate and timely medical care. We are eager and excited to work with local businesses, insurance companies, and governmental programs to develop relationships that foster this type of healthcare delivery. 

Payers contracting with the RSFHA will benefit from:


  • Higher quality care at a lower cost
  • Increased transparency of health care spending
  • Less duplication of services for beneficiaries
  • Health care providers are more accountable for outcomes
  • Access to our care management program for those who have certain chronic health conditions

Payers interested in speaking with a representative of the Roper St. Francis Health Alliance should email rsfhealthalliance@rsfh.com.

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