About the Health Alliance

Roper St. Francis Health Alliance has been formed as an ACO/CIN to allow for a new strategic collaboration between Roper St. Francis Healthcare and both independent and employed physicians. The Roper St. Francis Health Alliance will lead the Lowcountry in providing high quality and cost efficient care using a population health model that focuses on wellness and patient engagement.

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What is a CIN?

A Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) is a collection of healthcare providers, such as doctors and hospitals, who commit to work together on the quality and cost effectiveness of care for a specific patient population. A CIN’s goal is to ensure that patients receive the highest quality care while providers minimize duplication of services and prevent medical errors.

CINs are also a vehicle for negotiating direct contracts with commercial and government payers. Typically these contracts tie reimbursement to quality benchmarks and lower the total costs for patients over time.

Roper St. Francis Health Alliance is a CIN, created to deliver a better coordinated, safer and overall better quality patient experience.

Our commitment

To accomplish this, the RSFHA is committed to the following principles:

  • Achieve the "Three Objectives" (improve the patient’s experience of care, improve population health and reduce the per capita cost of care)
  • Transforming the care model by focusing on wellness and creating individual care plans for patients.
  • Enhancing transparency and information sharing
  • Serving a broad, multi-market region
  • Being accountable to standards developed collaboratively by ACO/CIN
  • Being physician-led
  • Using information technology to coordinate data across providers


Vision: To be the most trusted healthcare network in the Lowcountry


Mission: Enable and empower providers to deliver coordinated, proactive healthcare of the highest quality.


2022 Annual Report

Our team

Administrative Team
Bob Oliverio, MD
VP & Chief Medical Officer- Ambulatory Care & Population Health, RSFHA ACO Medical Director
Ed McNellis, MD
Charleston ENT, RSFHA CIN Medical Director
Doug Bryan
Director of Operations Roper St. Francis Health Alliance
Kristy Hopkins
CIN Operations Coordinator
Nicholas Gedeon
CIN Clinical Operations Coordinator


Board of Directors

The Roper St. Francis Health Alliance (RSFHA) is a subsidiary of Roper St. Francis Healthcare, and its board of directors was formed to represent both the independent and employed physician communities. Active physician leadership is critical to the success of the network, which was a key component when creating the board. The board of directors is charged with developing and implementing the strategy for the RSFHA.

Brett Young, MD
Edward McNellis, MD 
Joseph Ritchie MD
Palliative Care
Hugh Thompson, MD
Internal Medicine
Scott Burns MD
Emergency Medicine
Muhammad Rashad, MD
Pulmonary Disease
Chris McLain, MD
Chief Physician Officer, RSFH
Michael Sagatelian MD
Charlie Black
Medicare Beneficiary Representative
Bob Oliverio, MD
Internal Medicine
Chrysoula Pappa, MD
TJ Tipton
Hugh Durrence, MD
Family Medicine
Kenosha Gleaton MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Aaron Hyson, MD
Family Medicine

Four board sub-committees have been developed to ensure accountability. These committees report directly to the RSFHA board and are critical to the success and growth of the RSFHA.

  • Quality and Performance Improvement
  • Payer Strategy and Contracting
  • Credentialing and Professional Standards
  • Primary Care Collaborative

If a member of the Roper St. Francis Health Alliance is interested in joining a committee or would like to request more information, please email rsfhealthalliance@rsfh.com.

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