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For Physicians

Physician participation in the Roper St. Francis Health Alliance is completely voluntary, and those who do participate do so because they’re excited about helping change the way healthcare is delivered today.  

Specifically, the benefits that doctors can expect include: 

  • The satisfaction of aligning with like-minded physicians seeking to measurably improve the health of its community and reduce spiraling healthcare costs
  • Participation in making decisions on which quality/cost initiatives to pursue
  • Access to a clinical performance management system (CPMS) to measure your practice’s patient care performance relative to your peers and to help achieve Health Alliance goals
  • Potential access to a number of incentive contracts with payers and major employers
  • Access to patients and employers that value a network with demonstrated quality care

How to Join

Eligibility Requirements

Participation in the Roper St. Francis Health Alliance (RSFHA) is open to all physicians who are active, community active, consulting or have courtesy privileges within the Roper St. Francis hospital system and/or physicians who sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) and are an active participant in the initiatives set forth by the Health Alliance board.


Is There A Fee For Membership?

There is no cost to join the RSFHA. The physician’s participation in the ongoing clinical care improvements and care management protocols will serve as payment to join the RSFHA.


Join Roper St. Francis Health Alliance

The Roper St. Francis Health Alliance accepts new provider applications on an annual basis. RSFHA will accept applications in the spring of 2017 for membership effective Jan. 1, 2018. For more information on joining the RSFHA please fill out the form below.

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